Empeg Ltd was the first company to bring to market an in-dash MP3 player, the empeg car, first shipped to customers in 1999. On November 1st 2000 Empeg was acquired by SONICblue Incorporated. The renamed Rio Car was discontinued in January 2002.

In the mean time the Empeg development team grew in size and in August 2002 took responsibility for all audio software development at SONICblue. Products developed by the team include Rio Receiver, Rio Central, Rio S Series, Rio Karma and Rio Carbon.

Following the sale by SONICblue of its Rio and ReplayTV divisions to D&M Holdings in April 2003, the Cambridge software team transitioned to Digital Networks North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of D&M Holdings.

In July 2005 the remaining engineering team and associated intellectual property was acquired by Sigmatel. Within the next few years, the few remaining members of the original Empeg team moved on. Today the original development team are spread across many companies but remain in contact with each other and the active empeg owner community.