Community support

Some 20 years on there is still an active owner community with many players in daily service. Most technical issues are now well understood, so your first port of call should be the FAQ at, followed by searching the unofficial empeg BBS.

Remember, this community survives because of the continued enthusiasm and helpfulness of its members. Several of the original development team remain active on the forums, alongside developers of popular add-on software. Please continue to share your experiences at the BBS, and offer help to others when you are able to do so.

Unofficial empeg BBS

A wealth of information and a great community spirit, with over 2500 registered members. Includes forums for Cambridge-developed Rio products.

A great resource including the ultimate empeg FAQ, custom player logos and animations, empeg history, developer information and a huge empeg photo gallery.

Third party development sites


Linux kernel developer Mark Lord has released the most comprehensive set of empeg customisations around.


A great alternative to emplode written in Java.

Eutronix SPDIF board

Add SPDIF digital output to your player with this product. Also button illumination and replacement IDE cables.